*NEW ITEM! Matte Black Unisex "Chain Breaker" Hooded Coaches Jacket


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It sounds funny to say but these 100% water proof matte black unisex coaches jackets were inspired by the Oregon rain but came out looking absolutely FIRE!!! (Insert flame emojis here) It's been a while since we had a new item this nice so we went for it and yes, numbers are limited so if you see your size, get it before it's gone. The front is such a clean look we felt like it really didn't need anything added but the back carries the iconic bolt cutters logo proudly. EVERY purchase comes with a FREE mp3 download of the ENTIRE ALBUM "Cry Now. Smile Later." that includes the song "Chain Breaker" which inspired this design. Lastly thank you SINCERELY from our family to yours for the support during the obviously not so fun times we’re all living in. NONE of what you see would even still be here after this last year if it wasn't for YOU... so just know that WE know that and are grateful beyond words for the love and support.

*REMINDER: This is an IN STOCK item and will be shipped ASAP!!! But due to Covid-19 we do have to ask for a little extra patience as shipping times have been slowed around the world but we PROMISE to get your order on your doorstep as soon as humanly possible and we HIGHLY appreciate your understanding.

Material specs: This Nylon Windbreaker Coaches Jacket is made with high quality grade 100% waterproof nylon fabric with snap button front closure and matching black drawstring. The Nylon fabric interior is coated with waterproof coating as well. So be ready for winter downpours and enjoy!

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