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It's cliche' to say but if REAL opportunity came knocking... Would you answer? In this case, opportunity came calling with the question being, "Are you available to go on tour with Merkules? Tour starts in 1 week." Without hesitation that offer was accepted and we are BEYOND ECSTATIC to announce that Endr Won will be opening for the Canadian Stomp Down Killer himself, Merkules as part of his Special Occasion US Tour 2019/2020!!! Tickets are limited but available NOW at MerkulesMusic.com so get yours ASAP for a show you will not soon forget. You REALLY wanna show some love? Go tag @merkulesmusic on Instagram to tell him how hyped you are that him and his team made the decision to bring Endr Won along for what's sure to be an INSANE ride... Congratulations Endr Won and safe travels on the road trip!!! 


A new video is here! Click above to watch now and don't forget to comment, share, and subscribe on YouTube to show your support. The video title says it all... 100 bars straight, same wordplay, and NO GAMES... which is exactly why we feel like this song/video needed to happen. Very special thanks to long time friend of Endr Won, Justin Carney for shooting this video as well as a gracious thank you to Zoo Deville on co-editing the footage to help create what you see now. To stream or download the song click https://fanlink.to/wonhundred and get it now on all major music platforms.



Endr Won

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New music has arrived!!! Endr Won's newest single, "Goosebumps" is officially available to download right here as well as streaming on Apple Music and Spotify, etc. ...Back with a bang, if there’s one thing you should know about Endr is he’s never one to bite his tongue. In fact if you asked him to bite his he’d probably bite yours off and spit it back at you with a smile. This pulse shaking and punchline packed newest single is produced by long time friend and monster producer, Joey Coffman. Stream it, download it, share it wherever possible to support and we think after you hear it you'll fully understand the reason for the name... "Goosebumps."

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Ones worth supporting

Endr Won; photo’d here at a local movie screening on Sept. 1st, 2019 at the Broadway Metro in Eugene, Oregon with longtime friend and film maker Phoenix Vaughn, will be quick to tell you that the majority of his own skills are absolutely related to having some insanely talented friends. Phoenix Vaughn being one of them. Independent film making (just like music) is only survived by active supporters of the arts so we proudly put this on the site to beg of you to CLICK HERE NOW to check out Phoenix’s latest feature film, “LOW LOW” available right now on iTunes, Amazon, and playing in select movie theaters across the globe!!! Aside from having great taste in hoodies, this man is trail blazing, inspiring, and is DEFINITELY someone worthy of our support. 

*Side note: We don’t know who the girl is. But clearly she’s hotter than the dudes so we won’t complain... Sorry Endr... not sorry. 🤷🏻‍♂️

If the linked text or image is not working please copy & paste https://linktr.ee/lowlowmovie in your browser to enjoy & support!


The above video/song, "Cry Now" is track #4 from Endr Won's 2018 release; "Cry Now. Smile Later." Available now everywhere! https://fanlink.to/CNSL

this song and video gives powerful and raw look at the issues of NOT facing pain...

But also what can happen when you finally do! Subscribe on YouTube now and help share the video with the world! 


Chain Breaker Tour '19


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For The Love (Music Video/Short Film)


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