Kenneth aka “Endr Won" is an American independent rap/hip hop artist, a proud stay at home Father and a clean and sober recovering addict/alcoholic from Eugene, Oregon. Having toured Canada and the US multiple times while performing a long side of some of the biggest names in the industry, (Merkules, Apathy, Celph Titled, E-40, The Game, Snak The Ripper, Mac Miller and more) he's paved his own lane through the ability to deliver intensely emotional tracks as well as mind bending lyricism through hard hitting bars and metaphors that easily earn respect of fans and peers alike. The easiest way to learn about Endr Won is to simply listen to his catalog of music. From a song like "Work" which describes his relentless worth ethic and passion to "Use It" which outlines how he uses the darkest moments of trauma in his past to move forward through life with determination and persistence. Please feel free to click around the site, watch the newest videos, check out any new merch to support but please don’t forget to find Endr Won on social media to stay connected personally and thank you for supporting independent music that proudly represents substance over nonsense.

For booking, features, and any/all other inquiries, emails can be sent to: or simply hit the "Contact" tab and send a message, question, comment, etc.