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For most artists, a common day dream question after any opening set for a bigger name artist is this, “What if (insert name here) liked my set and invited me on tour? Wouldn't that be crazy?” Well that EXACT day dream came true for Endr and in Sept. of 2018 he happily accepted an invite from underground hip hop heavyweights Apathy and Celph Titled and joined them on an unforgettable journey up north on The Canadian Cousins Tour  of  2018! No words could describe what an opportunity like this meant to an underground hip hop head from Oregon but something tells us, this won't be the last time you see Endr Won get some of the recognition his fans believe he deserves!


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The album cover art you see is not just artwork anymore...

"Cry Now Smile Later"

is officially streaming everywhere music can be heard!

LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD now at https://fanlink.to/CNSL and see why fans, blogs, AND even fellow artists are calling this independent album

one of the best records of 2018!

newest video

The first single from CNSL was an extremely powerful musical depiction of the frustrating and even traumatizing relationship we all sometimes have with MONEY! The song never actually mentions specifically that it's topic was about finances (done on purpose to leave listener interpretation) but after knowing the behind the scenes motivator for the track, the video brings an intense breath of life into an already thought provoking track... "For The Love."

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  *Click the cover art to listen to the full album, "Bigger Than Me." available NOW

 It's hard to believe with all that Endr Won has accomplished with his music that "Bigger Than me" was only his 2nd official studio album. But with 2017's release of what he considers to be his "comeback record" he quickly jumped right back into the underground hip hop spotlight as one of the most underrated independent emcees.

Album Info/Description:

 One of the most notable tracks on "Bigger Than Me" for any hip hop historian is the Sapient produced track, "Stay True." The song features famed freestyle M.C. and hip hop legend, M.C. JUICE; most memorably known for defeating Eminem in the 1996 Scribble Jam. The pair met on a completely random and unplanned LA weekend at a mutual friends home where the 2 shared a mutual respect for each other's skills and life experiences. From there as they say, "The rest is history!" Their song, "Stay true" also comes paired with an impressive visual out now at https://YouTube.com/EndrWon

The rest of the album spans in content from an insanely wordplay packed song about gratitude ("Hallelujah") to a crowd favorited raw breakdown of worldly norms, with the fittingly titled track, "F**k Normal." You can find "Bigger Than Me" now on iTunes, Spotify, Googleplay, etc. by clicking the cover art or visit https://fanlink.to/BiggerThanMe to download it now on whatever music site you prefer!





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