*LIMITED ITEM! The "Self Care" T (Unisex)


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In honor of the new single/video for "Self Care" which now has over 20K views in it's first week we decided to print a limited number (50 to be exact) of these black unisex T's that are now up, first come - first serve!!! The line on the T comes from the new video https://youtu.be/ucSc3lnlJhM @ 2:26 "...Now I'm the old dude in a t-shirt that I wear to the club that says I miss the days when I didn't know what SELF CARE was..." and as a bonus: all shirts purchased will also come with a FREE MP3 download of the track... But lastly we need to thank EVERYONE who's streaming, commenting, and sharing this new video because not only is the song/video one we're extremely proud of but because the content of it is reaching people in a very real way thanks to all of you. So thank you to ALL of you for supporting independent art from "the small guys" of the world because with YOU, none of this even exits.

*REMINDER: This is an IN STOCK item and will be shipped ASAP!!! But due to Covid-19 we do have to ask for a little extra patience as shipping times have been slowed around the world but we PROMISE to get your order on your doorstep as soon as humanly possible and we HIGHLY appreciate your understanding.

Material specs: These black unisex T's are made with a high quality 100% soft cotton.

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