The “Chain Breaker” Snapback *OUT OF STOCK

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When available, orders also will come with a FREE digital download of the album, “Cry Now Smile Later” which includes the song that inspired theses “Chain Breaker” custom hats.

For any bulk ordering questions, please send email to or click the contact tab from right here on the site.

Shipping info: Everything you see is done 100% independently so please allow 7-10 business days to ship with most orders processed within 1-3. Thank you for your patience and more importantly thank you for choosing to support local small business.

*Final note: Want to take your support a step further? Search and download the song “Chain Breaker” on every music streaming network possible or just click the link ( and share it with your friends because without YOU? Real lyrics and real life in hip hop doesn’t even have a chance to survive.

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